Anonymous asked:

I know this guy and he's bisexual and he likes me a lot, because he has said so to my face. However I did not find out about his bisexuality from him upfront but rather from a friend of his (who announced it to everyone behind his back, which I was shocked at because I would rather hear it from the man himself!). I have not told him that I know about this and would actually be honoured if he could open up about his sexuality to me. Where do I even start with this?

As hard as this might be to hear, you don’t start with this. He is the only person who should start conversations about his identity, because it is his identity. I know there are curiosity and trust issues involved in you wanting to talk about it, and all of that is okay. But you gotta remember that, for a lot of people especially those of non-binary identities, it’s sometimes really confusing and scary to talk about it. Give it time, and if he’s gonna talk to you about it, he’ll make sure it happens. But that’s for him to decide.